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SA Partridge

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

Absolute craziness

It’s exactly a week before the launch and the world is already going topsy-turvy.

I started my day the same way that I do everyday, by sitting on the bus to town and reading a book. Almost everyone on the bus reads something, whether its a book, a magazine or a newspaper. The lady seated to my right, for example, was reading a magazine. Now I’m not an overly curious creature by nature but my gaze did wonder over once or twice and when she turned the page there was an article about me staring back. It was a surreal moment seeing a picture of myself gazing serenely back at me from this commuters lap and frankly, somewhat disarming.

The woman had no idea that the subject of the article that she was reading was in fact sitting next to her on the bus. I even tested this by staring pointedly at her for a few seconds but she didn’t look up. To me, it felt like my own private reality had just been turned on its ear and I couldn’t stop myself from grinning slightly. By this time she had either finished reading or had lost interest in the article entirely and had turned the page. Only then was I released from the spell and reality returned to its normal state.

An interesting start to my day to be sure.


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