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SA Partridge

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Suidoosterfees roundup

On Friday, my publicist Kabous rounded Derick and myself up and put us in front of a room full of eager kids and made us speak about ourselves and the future of writing. My intense fear of public speaking aside, it wasn’t that bad. I found that trying to convince these kids that there is in fact a reason to be excited was more important than being afraid of them.

Let’s be honest here, never before has there been so many colourful titles for the teenage market than right now. And never has there been a better time to start writing either. I couldn’t quite believe that these guys had no enthusiasm for the explosion thats happening in the literary world. In fact, I don’t even think they see it. Before I could stop myself I was talking not about my own book, but about Phillip Pullman, JK Rowling, Christopher Paolini, The Spiderwick Chronicles, even the classics like CS Lewis are being revisited. What exactly are they reading if they are so blasé about the subject?

We had a book giveaway which was fun. It was very informal and quite festive, especially with all the kids.

At the end of the talk I tried to convey the message that no matter how you feel about your own writing you must always carry on and never let the dream of getting published die. I saw a couple of nods in the audience which made me feel quite gushy inside.

Unfortunately, due to an organisational mix-up we didn’t get to talk again on Saturday but I’m glad I’m finally getting over my fear of public speaking.

I want to start working in a book store again, just so I can feel that excited buzz again. It’s a magical feeling.


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