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Fuse Facts

My book was launched last night, and gosh, what a turnout. But more of that later when the story is posted.

For now, I thought I’d post some trivia about the book, some of which I touched upon in my interview with Hunter Kennedy.

fuse1 The original name for the novel was going to be Kaboom, after the Marilyn Manson song of the same name. I wanted a direct reference to the controversial singer but at the last minute decided to change it. I still managed to sneak a reference to him in the book, but you’ll have to read it to find it.

The shortlist of titles for the new name was Fuse, Toy Soldiers, When We Were Angels and Brother’s Keeper. In the end, Fuse won.

The character Kendall was originally going to be called William, but I decided to use the name in another book instead.

Fuse almost wasn’t my second novel. I wrote something entirely different, but after the Morne Harmse incident, the book literally wrote itself.

Many of the characters are named after people I know. Baumgarten, Agliotti, Hawkins – these are surnames of people I know personally. You can say its my way of getting friends to read my books. Sneaky.

The scene with the gun and the boomslang was tricky. I wanted to find a way to maintain the innonence of the character involved, but at the same time make it exciting and gritty. Considering the reactions I have been getting I think it worked.

I hope you like the book!


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