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Sven, Derick and Sally at Exclusive Books, Kloof Street


Sven Eick Derick Muller SA Partridge

Please join us…

…for a post-Book Fair chat at Exclusive Books in Kloof Street, Cape Town on the 22nd July, 5 for 5h30 pm.

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Ten things you can do with a potato and panel discussions

I realised this morning that I am fact, a starving artist.

Ive been living on potatoes and coca cola since the fifteenth. I’m not quite sure at which point I reached the poverty line but my house mate and I had a good laugh about it this morning, after she admitted that she has been secretly stealing my sugar for weeks and we realised that we don’t have enough money between us to buy dish washing liquid or in fact, toilet rolls.

We do however, have an abundance of potatoes. These we have roasted, boiled, fried, mashed and even named. Yes, one lucky fellow survived our fervent mastications by successfully sprouting leaves and making itself far too interesting to be eaten. We put him on a shelf and named him Ned instead.

You can do your bit to help the starving artists of the world and their thieving house mates by purchasing their literary contributions as Christmas gifts for your friends or family or even yourself.


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The Launch duh duh duh

Despite my fervent pleas to the powers that be for time to move slower the launch took place last night at the Neighbourhood Bar in Long street. NB Publishers / Human and Rousseau really went all out on the event and there was a fantastic turnout. I’m not a public speaker by any means so after a week of sheer terror at the prospect of speaking in front of a large crowd I promptly forgot everything that I was going say as soon as my hand clutched the microphone. I know that I said something as people applauded at the end but I’d rather not think about it. I’m sure that I used the word “um” about five times.


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