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My favourite page-turners

I haven’t posted a book review on my blog in ages. That’s not to say I haven’t been reading. I am currently sharing my apartment with more books in the process of being read or waiting to be read that it’s starting to look like a library.

So here are several reviews of books I absolutely adored. More to follow, I promise.
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Corpus Libris

I absolutely love this Tumblr full of books with bodies. Kudos to Bookslive for first Tweeting about it. It’s such a brilliant idea.
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The simple beauty of the signed book

A launch isn’t really a launch unless you leave with a signed book tucked lovingly under your arm.
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My LEGO books

A while ago I posted a blog about my local LEGO stories. (Long story short, my boyfriend and I have more than fifty LEGO mini-figures and making little scenes with them has become a hobby. Recreating my favourite books with LEGO is a brilliant way to procrastinate.)

A magazine contacted me about the local LEGOs and asked if I had LEGO-fied any of my other books. I had done a version of Sharp Edges for fun, but not any of the others. I love a challenge, so I spent Saturday morning creating little infinity curves and swopping and changing LEGO mini-figs to create my characters.
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Literary Lego – the local version

I really like LEGO. Funny, considering I couldn’t stand the stuff as a kid. I was more into My Little Ponies and Care Bears and those little plastic babies whose diapers changed colour in water.
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Review round-up

It’s been six months since Sharp Edges hit the shelves and the response has been great. (Phew!) Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the book and share your thoughts.

Here’s a round-up of reviews that appeared in the national press.
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2013 in lists

2013 was a good year with a lot of ups and very few downs. I have a lot to be grateful for – personal achievements, working with enthusiastic people, making new friends, and a lot of incredible memories. It was a mad rush of a year, but also a very fulfilling one (sometimes even a dream come true one.)
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Literary LEGO

A while ago I posted a blog about my new hobby – creating stories with LEGO.

Well, let’s just say it isn’t a hobby anymore.
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Catching Fire

Fellow local YA writer Cat Hellisen and I were playing putt putt when we made the spur of the moment decision to go watch Catching Fire.

As you do.
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Win a copy of Sharp Edges with Seventeen Magazine

The December issue of Seventeen Magazine has just hit the shelves. It’s the last issue ever, so make sure you grab a copy while it’s still available.
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